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Here's what you can expect when you attend a service at Cornerstone...
Biblical Teaching >> We teach from the Bible, going through an entire book at a time.  In a typical sermon, we read scripture from the Bible, explain what God is saying there, and then offer practical ways for you to apply it to your life.  It's God's Word and it as real and relevant as ever!
Group Worship >> We believe it's important to worship God together as a church family - you could think of it as a big choir...a big choir that's fun. We have a band with guitars and drums, and we choose a broad range of songs that we believe you'll want to sing with everyone else.
A Place For Your Kids >> We love kids! And we understand that no kid ever begged to sit still and quiet for an hour and half.  That's why we created our Sunday C-Stone Kids services and Wednesday Grace University Kids programs - to provide fun, safe, age-appropriate classes for all!
Comfortable Atmosphere >> Please feel free to come just as you are and relax!  We have people from all different walks of life worshiping together in our church - and we like it that way.  We like that you might see a teenager in a suit conversing comfortably with man in jeans and a t-shirt.  So whether you like dressing up or prefer to come casually dressed, we are just happy to have you come and be a part of us.
Great Coffee At Our One Way Cafe >> Come early and visit our coffee cart for a cup of joe and a doughnut. While you're drinking and eating, get to know folks from the Cornerstone family.  And feel free to take your coffee with you into our sanctuary to enjoy while you wait for the service to start.
First-Time Guests >> As our guest, you will be invited to fill out an Information Card.  This is simply to help us get to know each other better.  You can drop your Information Card right into the offering bag or simply hand it to one of our ushers.