our history

Our church had its beginning in August of 1927 when the Reverend Arthur W. Erickson, a spirit-filled Methodist evangelist began nightly services inside of his tent in the city of Maywood, California. These evangelistic meetings produced a number of born again Christians that included many young people. With this nucleus of born-again Christians the Maywood Full Gospel Assembly came into being.

In October of 1927 the congregation began meeting in a hall on Slauson Avenue in the west end of Maywood. The meetings continued until the building was sold in the fall of 1930.

The church then moved into temporary quarters in the 6000 block of Maywood Avenue. With the move came the decision to look for a permanent home for the church. The property at 588 Carmelita Avenue became available and was purchased by the church and a new building was constructed seating some 240 people. On March 1, 1931, the dedication service was held.

The church remained under the pastorshop of Pastor Erickson and his wife Margaret for over thirty-six years until his retirement in 1964 at the age of 79. It was under Pastor Erickson’s leadership the church grew and was later expanded to seat 450 people. The church added a Christian grammar school and developed a great missionary program.

Over the next eight years the church was pastored by Rev. Francis Sturgeon, Rev. Paul Keeth, Rev. Claude White, and Rev. Clarence Rhode.

In April of 1973 John Scarr became the pastor. In September of 1974 the church was relocated to it’s present location at 9001 Paramount Boulevard, in the city of Downey. The name of the church was changed to Landmark Community Church. Pastor Scarr retired in August of 1998.

In September of 1998 our present pastor, J. Stephen Jordan, took office. Pastor Jordan has brought new enthusiasm and a renewed vision to once again develop the church into an evangelistic and missionary minded body of people. Since this time we rejoice that we have been experiencing steady and continual growth.

In June of 2001 the name of the church was changed again, this time to Cornerstone Christian Worship Center. We are convinced that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that on this rock He will build His church and that the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.